Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Macy had a fun Halloween party at school. Dustin and Bailey were supposed to go, too, but Bailey was sick. Here are a few pictures from the party.

This is Macy's teacher, Mrs. Stanchina, dressed up as Raggedy Ann. She is such a fun teacher!

The kids played the mummy wrap game. Macy really liked it.

We also made a Witch's Brew. Each student brought one bag of goodies to add to the pot, and they took turns stirring it up. Kinda gross to me, but they liked it.

Here's her whole class. Many of them had a hard time being still and looking at the camera. The little baby is Mrs. Stanchina's 17 month-old son. He came for part of the party.
The whole school had a costume parade around the neighborhood.

Later that afternoon, we took the kids trick-or-treating at the Snodgrasses' house. They are members at Garden City and really dote on the girls.

Soon enough, we were off to the Grants' house where we had dinner and let the kids trick-or-treat. Here we have Mulan, Snow Princess, Kitt Kittredge, and Minnie Mouse. Aren't they so cute?


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Canado cell phone pics

So, we told you about our time in Canada. Here are some cell phone pics that we took.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Your daughter....

Today Julie told me that my daughter has been a mess. It appears that Bailey was looking for new activities, and she decided to get into Julie's lipstick and color on the floor (with crayons).

Julie, then, interviewed the culprit who said the following.

ETA: About the panties over her pajamas...she found those in her drawer the other day and has insisted on wearing them constantly since then. I finally convinced her to let me put them over her diaper and then put her clothes on, but her favorite way to wear them is still on top!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Movie Night

Well, today was the release of the Disney's new Tinkerbell movie. I got the movie, and we all watched it together.


hello from canada

julie, bailey, and i ate lunch in detroit today. on our way home we saw signs for the bridge going to canada. we were up for adventure, so we followed the signs. here we are in canada!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tae Kwon Do Tournament

October 25 was Macy's first Tae Kwon Do tournament. She was very excited, and she had a great time.

Here is a clip of her doing her first event--board breaking.

Here's her sparring match. She really likes to fight.

Macy didn't win her match (in the clip above), but she had a great time and was a great sport.

The girl (in the black uniform) that Macy competed against is a sweet girl. She and Macy can't wait to see each other again.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Church Halloween Party

We had a very great party at church. Each year the party occurs the Friday before Halloween. The girls loved it.

Macy dressed as Mulan, and Bailey was Minnie Mouse.

We had great games and--of course--plenty trick-or-treating.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mimi and Pawpaw visit!

Mimi and Pawpaw came to see us (October 16-19). We had a great time.

We went to a pretty cool pumpkin farm/cider mill.

The girls also made some cookies.

It was fun to have Mimi and Pawpaw come to Michigan.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

More random cell phone pics

So, what do you do with all those pictures stuck in your cell phone?! I snap cell phone pictures with descent regularity, and I thought I would share a few random ones here.

We're lucky to have access to a lot of neat parks in our neighborhood. One day, we went to a smaller, less crowded one--built by the Rotary club. The kids had a blast.

One of Macy's favorite things to do at Tae Kwon Do practice is play, and Michael is one of her favorite kids to play with.

Recently Bailey and I visited some church members who have a bird. Bailey thought the bird was cute, and the members thought Bailey was cute.

After making the above-pictured visit, Bailey and I stopped for some ice cream.

Not to long ago, we were invited to have dinner at a nice family's house. These member are foster parenting a cute baby girl. Macy and Bailey love being the fill-in big sisters.

Here's a better (non-cell phone) picture of the happy family.

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Recently, we all loaded up and went to Chuck E. Cheese's. We all had a good time. I got the high score on one of those basket ball shooting games. I took a cell phone picture of my high score, but it got lost. :(


Friday, October 10, 2008

School Field Trip

Macy went on a really neat field trip with her school. Julie also went to help with all the kids. It sounds like they had a great time. See for yourself.

Julie rode on the school bus with the kids. Macy wanted Julie to ride on the bus, but Macy also wanted to know if she would be able to be by herself with her friends.

They went to a pumpkin patch/cider mill. Julie reports that Macy was the pickiest kid about selecting a pumpkin. When Macy got home, I complimented the pumpkin that she picked out. Macy quickly informed me that mommy actually picked it out because she could find a pumpkin that she really liked.

This girl is growing up too fast.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Macy gets her Yellow Belt

Today Macy had her first Taekwondo promotion test. She was was testing of her yellow belt, and she did very well. She loved the attention and the positive reinforcement that her teachers gave her. She is very excited about learning more Taekwondo.

In this picture, the man kneeling is Macy's teacher, and the man standing is the only 10th degree Taekwondo black belt in the US.