Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fitness Update

Okay; okay normally any fitness update coming from me would not consist of much, but I've had a pretty descent week (assuming you're easily impressed). Here goes:

Monday 8.25
Taekwondo--good, hard work
my stretching plan
my push up program

Tuesday 8.26
Taekwondo--which included sparring
kickboxing cardio

Wednesday 8.27

Thursday 8.28
kickboxing cardio
Taekwondo--a light workout but did include sparring

Friday 8.29
Jogged at a local track
my push up program

Saturday 8.30
kickboxing cardio
my push up program

I'm building up to October 4, which is when Macy and I test for our next Taekwondo belts.


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