Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tennessee—We Love You!

We’ve recently completed our trip to Tennessee. To get to Memphis, our trip runs in three legs: first, we travel from home to Cincinnati, Ohio. Second, we travel from Cincinnati to Nashville. Third, we go from Nashville to Memphis. Roughly, each of the 3 legs takes us about 4 hours to complete—for a total drive time of about 12 happy hours with the whole entire family stuck in a mini-van.


Here’s where we were when.

  • We left Michigan on Thursday about 2:30 pm (EST).
  • We arrived in Dickson, TN about midnight (CST). Here we stopped for the night.
  • After sleeping in a little on Friday, we ate at Cracker Barrel (a restaurant that’s pretty scarce in Michigan).
  • We arrived in Memphis about 2:30 pm (CST).
  • We stayed with Mimi and Paw Paw Friday and Saturday (until dinner).
  • We arrived at the Rameys’ house on Saturday at about 6:45 pm (CST).
  • Sunday was our first full day of the Gospel Meeting at Nance. We enjoyed both morning and evening services with a little break (at Chris and Mary’s) in between.
  • On Monday, we went to Dyersburg. We did a little shopping and business. We had lunch with some of our friends. We, then, spent the rest of the day at the Golsons’ house, had dinner with the Golsons and Amanda & Ashley Nicks, and went to Monday night’s meeting.
  • Tuesday was a bit of slow day--for Dustin and the girls, at least. Julie went shopping, ventured out to Dyersburg (again), and got a flat tire. We had pizza with the Rameys and all went to the meeting.
  • On Wednesday, Brenley and Caroline stayed home from school for all of the girls to have a play day. Julie was out again (anyone see a pattern here?!). Dustin kept the kids without losing his mind.
  • Wednesday after the final night of the meeting, we went to Memphis to set up a full day of visiting on Thursday.
  • We had a nice Thursday and even got to see Rick and David as they passed through Memphis.
  • We left Memphis at about 11 am (CST). We stopped in Nashville for a mall break. We, then, pressed on and made it home at about 3 am (EST). Whew!

Consider the below as filler material for the above.
A favorite place for us to stop is the Florence Mall--in Florence, KY, just outside of Cincinnati. Here’s some cell phone video of the girls at that mall.

The girls were glad to spend time (before the meeting) with Mimi and Paw Paw.

Chris and Mary were very great hosts. They gave us their room, and we filled it up.

The girls had a blast together. Here are some pictures of them in action.

On Wednesday Brenley and Caroline stayed home from school, and I scooped this interview.

Macy and Bailey had a great time at the Gospel Meeting nightly; see for yourselves.


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