Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our condolences to the Lawson family

We are sad to share with you that Mary Lawson's mother died unexpectedly yesterday. On Monday she went to the hospital to have a stent placement. During the procedure, her artery was torn. The doctors wanted to try to repair the artery, but she was never stable enough for the procedure to be attempted. She was on life support for several hours, but sadly nothing could be done for her.

While all of this took place, Rick and Mary were in Union City, TN where Rick was holding a Gospel Meeting. They left early from the meeting (on Tuesday) to travel to Florida. They were able to make arrangements today. The visitation is Thursday afternoon and the funeral will be held on Friday morning.

Please pray for Mary and the entire family. This has been a very shocking and trying experience for all of them. We are sad, too, that we can't be with them during this time. It's hard being so far from them anyway, but it's extra hard during sad times like these.


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