Friday, June 13, 2008

Our House

Well, with a little over a week in Michigan, we thought we'd share some pictures of our house.

This is what you will see when you walk in our front door. To the immediate right is our living room. Straight ahead to the left is the upstairs--you can see the bottom step in this picture. Directly across from those stairs is the kitchen. In the very back of this picture, you can see the play room which is down stairs. (The basement is to the right of the play room, down some more stairs.)
Here are a few pics of our living room. This picture (below) was taken from our entry hall way. Our living room has a big window (93 inches!) on one wall, and two other walls have open door ways. In this picture, you can see the light from the opening leading to the kitchen (it's in the back left of this pic).

Here's the kitchen. This picture is taken from the kitchen entry connecting to the living room.

The above pic of the kitchen is from our main entry hall way. In the picture taken a few steps inside our front door (#2 in this series), the kitchen and upstairs are directly across from each other. This picture is taken from that vantage point.
Julie especially love her new pantry.

If you leave the kitchen and go upstairs, here's what you will see.
The first room on the left is Macy's room. Across from that is the bathroom. Bailey's room is beside Macy's room (second door on the left). The linen closet is across from Bailey's room. The master bedroom is beside the linen closet, and the guest room is at the very end of the hall.

Here's Macy's room.

Here's Bailey's room.

Here's the bathroom.

Here's the linen closet.
Here's the guest room. (Remember, it's located at the very end of the upstairs hallway.)
Right now the guest room is pretty empty. I've taken over its closet for my clothes. (Julie needed the entire closet space in the master.)

Here's the master bedroom.
From this above picture, you can see the entry to the master bathroom (pictured below).
If you turn right after entering the master bath, you would see the sink and full shower.

Now let's go down stairs. If you walk in our front door, past the living room, kitchen, and upstairs, this is what you come to. Down these few stairs is the play room (with a half bath and bonus room connected to it) and the access to the basement.

Here's the play room. This is really the only room that still needs some work. We're ordering wall units, a panel TV, and some other organization goodies.
At the back of the playroom is the half bath.

In this (below) picture of the playroom, you see a door (on the left).
That door leads to the bonus room which we're using as a craft room.
This bonus room area is actually divided into two parts. Below you see the door leading to the second part. In that second room, there are a few of our empty boxes. (The door to the left is back to the playroom.)

Leaving the playroom takes one either down to the basement (straight) or up the rest of the house (right). The door in the left of the below picture is a shallow closet in the playroom.
We've already seen the upstairs, so we're going down to the basement.
We're using this basement for storage; it also where the washer and dryer are located.
There is a second section in the basement for overflow storage.
This 2800 square foot [excluding basement and two-car garage (not pictured)] is our little slice of home up here in Michigan. Julie has done a wonderful job getting us settled in record time.


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Anonymous said...

I don't know how I missed this before, but I just now saw the pictures of your house. It is great! I love the big windows upstairs and all the room. I cannot believe all the room! When you come to visit us will you bring some of your extra space and add it on to our house. :) Seriously, you're going to feel very cramped here after getting comfortable there. See you soon Chris