Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bailey's 3rd Birthday

Bailey had a great 3rd birthday. We didn't do a whole lot because we're all going to Disney World for our main celebration. Still, the little princess had a great day.

Her day started with her favorite "black" donut holes from Dunkin Donuts. Daddy even surprised her with a couple with sprinkles!
Then we went to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch and fun! We all had a good time. I'm not sure who enjoyed the games more--Dustin or the girls.

But before we left, one more quick peek at the gifts that she can't wait to open!
Playing a few games while Mommy orders our pizza!Time to eat!Daddy getting Bailey all cleaned up and applying the Germ X!Rub it in good. We don't want to catch swine flu!Now back for more fun!Mommy and the birthday girl!
Mommy and Macy on a thrilling roller coaster simulator.
Time to redeem all our tickets!
Bailey has her eye on the suckers!
And that's all she wanted. We had over 300 tickets and she got 3 suckers. She was happy for Macy so spend the rest. Wonder how much longer this will work?

After we got home, it was time for presents and cake. Here's the happy birthday girl with her presents and Princess cake!
Time to blow out the candles. First Belle.
Then Sleeping Beauty.
And last, Cinderella.
I had her cake made at the Kroger bakery, and she loved it! It wasn't the same as having Aunt Mary (Lawson) make it like she always has for our girls, but it was nice. There was a light in Aurora's dress since she's Bailey's favorite...for now.
One last pose before we open presents! She had been looking forward to the presents all day. She kept touching them and asking when she could open them. The only thing that took her mind off of it was the trip to Chuck E. Cheese.
Finally, she gets to rip into them.
She knows it's a Princess Stories DVD.
Wow! A princess dress for Bitty Baby!
Some sidewalk chalk...A really big tall one that she had to stand up for...A card from Aunt Hazel with stickers...Such delight!Macy made Bailey three sweet cards and gave her $3 because she knows how much Bailey loves it when her cards have money!
Some sisterly love! So cute.All of Bailey's treats for today! She received other cards and gifts before and after her birthday.
After presents, we ate cake and ice cream. The cake was delicious. We all loved it.
Later, more birthday gifts arrived in the mail! She was so excited to open them.

First, a gift from the Golsons.
It's a bunny "pack pack"!
She loves cards, too!
Thank you Mr. Jeff, Mrs. Lisa, Zach, Grant, and Emily!! She loves it. :) Tell Emily thanks for picking it out!
Next, she tackled the box from the Disney store that the Lawsons sent.

She was astounded to find Aurora "slippers" aka flip flops!
Bailey loves her new Aurora gown, and she promptly noted that it would match her "slippers."
Thanks, Uncle Rick, Aunt Mary, Timothy, and Anna! She loves it. There was also a Sleeping Beauty crown and cup, but I was videoing and didn't get pictures of those. She loves them, too, though. I promise!
Bailey's whole birthday weekend was awesome. She got so much attention and love from so many people. Thanks y'all!

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