Thursday, May 7, 2009

Macy's Spring Musical

The Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades of Memorial Elementary presented their spring musical "Go Fish" on May 7. The younger kids were in the "chorus" part of the presentation. They all wore blue clothing to give the appearance of the ocean. Macy looked so cute and really enjoyed herself.

Here she is modeling her homemade fish headband.
Macy and some of her classmates.
Macy and her good friend, Hannah
Bailey and Mommy are eagerly awaiting the start of the performance.
Let the show begin!
The second the music began, Macy began doing her thing. She was clapping and grooving the whole time!
This is Macy's music teacher, Mrs. Destefanis.
Here's our STAR!!
Bailey is now onstage for her performance, but she's mad because all the kids have left! She wanted to be up there with Macy so bad. All during the show, she kept asking me if it was her turn to sing. Poor her. :(
The final song of the night was "God Bless the USA" and every child got a flag to wave. Bailey and I were backstage for this song, and the teachers gave Bailey her own flag.
It was a really fun night. The kids have been working on the music for several months. Macy was thrilled to be part of it!


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