Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Day the Squirrel Went Beserk

We all remember that Ray Stevens song called Mississippi Squirrel Revival, don't we? Here's the song on Youtube if you need to be reminded:

Well, we're having something similar up here in Michigan. Last night before church services, I went into the basement to get some clothes and sitting there staring right at me was a black squirrel! I had a mini-heart attack and ran outta there fast, being sure to close the door behind me. I called Dustin, who was already at the building. I'm not sure what I thought he could do, but I called anyway. So Dustin and Mark Reynolds (who was here holding our Gospel Meeting and was a classmate of Dustin's at MSOP) came over to investigate. They kicked and poked around in the basement and couldn't find it. We have a small basement window that's broken and has been taped up, and the tape had been moved. So the guys tried to convince me that the squirrel probably went back out. I still wasn't comfortable with it all, but we had to get to church.

Later that night, Dustin and I went back down there to look around and I needed to do a load of clothes. We heard the squirrel again (but didn't see it). So I called an exterminator late last night who specializes in this kind of pest control. He convinced me to wait until today to have him come out. He said it's cheaper and easier to find during the day. I agreed, but only because I knew we could shut the door to the basement and the rest of the house would be protected.

So, this morning we heard the squirrel again. The sounds went on for a while and it was so unnerving! I could hear it along the rafters and skittering along the floor. I even heard it on or in my new washing machine! I couldn't even stay in the house because of the freaky sounds, so Bailey and I left to run errands and hang out at the church building until the squirrel catcher could get here.

He finally came this evening. He searched the basement really well and didn't think one was in there, so he wanted to set a trap. The man was still trying to figure out exactly how the squirrel was getting in when his assistant (who's a woman who was sitting in the truck) sees a squirrel on the chimney trying to get in. That chimney doesn't have a cap. So, mystery solved! There's also an attic vent that needs a screen, and he discovered my dryer vent also needs to be screened. So our squirrel catcher is coming back in a couple of days to fix those things and hopefully, pick up the trap with the squirrel IN it.

Here are some pictures of our friend hanging out on the chimney. He must feel really comfortable up there because at one point tonight it looked like he was asleep up there! If you click on the pictures, you can get a better look at him. You can even see his beady little eyes.
And here's the humane trap complete with a trail of peanut butter leading to it and in it. It's against the law here to kill the squirrel. :insert big eye roll here:Oh, and I found squirrel PEE down there! So gross. I had to make Dustin clean it up. Shudder.


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