Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Library Time

We've signed the girls up for the summer reading program at the library in Westland. Our library is awesome! They have so many fun things for the kids to do. We go for craft time on Wednesdays and other activities throughout the week. They actually have so much scheduled that there's no way for us to do all of it.
Bailey doesn't always want to do the planned craft, so her favorite thing to do instead is cut paper. I think she'd stay there all day just fringing the egde of scraps.This was paint-your-own-tshirt day! Macy loved it, but Bailey refused to wear the paint shirt over her clothes. So she didn't paint.I love the children's section in our library. They have computer games, puzzles, books on CD, Leap Frog Leap Pad with lots of games to choose from, a puppet theater, magnet sets, fun wooden toys, and much, much more! And all of this is just the activities they can enjoy there. We could stay for a long time and not do it all.

The girls adore this little reading tunnel. We like to sit here and read together.
Bailey is telling me just one more minute until she's done!Macy is loving all the books she's been checking out. She borrowed the CD collection of the American Girl Samantha series. She's in love with Samantha! Just today, we checked out three short story books about Samantha, and she's already read two of them.

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