Thursday, June 11, 2009

Macy's Last Day of School

Today was Macy's last day of school. She was really sad. She kept saying how much she was going to miss her friends and her teacher. We kept reassuring her that she would see them all again in the fall. I don't guess she really understands that yet.

Here is the class during their last group time.
Singing the hug song
Now for a group hug!
Macy with her good friend, Hannah
Mrs. Stanchina gave all the kids a certificate for completing 1st grade. She also gave them a sweet poem that she wrote just for this class. Everyone also got a journal and pen to use over the summer. If they bring it back in September with lots of journaling, they get a special prize.
Also, on the last day of school, Mrs. Stanchina took a spelling test. Each student got to choose a word for her to study and spell. The only catch was the students had to be able to spell their word as well so that they could grade the teacher. Macy chose supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! And yes, she learned to spell it, too!
Yay! She got it right!Everyone else went easy on her.Here are the end-of-the-year treats we gave all of her teachers and staff a few days earlier. It was a pasta salad kit. The recipe and all the ingredients were wrapped up in a bowl. It was a big hit!
Macy and Mrs. Hartmann, the technology teacherMs. Kordie was Macy's art and gym teacher. Macy loves her so much!Here is Macy and Mrs. Englehart. She is another 1st grade teacher, and she was so sweet and encouraging to Macy during the school year.Macy's Spanish teacher, Dona DeborahMrs. Stanchina opening her gift and reading her cardWe adore Mrs. Stanchina!Mrs. Avey is one of the school secretaries, and she is totally awesome! She is truly one of our favorite people at Memorial Elementary.Ms. Rose, the other secretary
We also gave these gifts to her music teacher, the principal, and the lunch moms. Unfortunately, we didn't get pictures with them.

The kids enjoyed popsicles outside during afternoon recess.

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I know that look in the 5th picture...and I don't like to see her have it. Breaks my heart for her :(