Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bargains Galore!

I've done a lot of shopping since we've been here in Michigan, and lately I've gotten some really great bargains! My first awesome finds came from! They're having a summer sale right now, and there's even a coupon code for an additional 25% off the sale price. (Now the discount has gone up to 40%, but someone at Customer Service told me when I called that special would end Thursday night. But who knows? Maybe it will get even better.) They also have coupon codes for $5 shipping (with a $50 order) and two free tickets to wall-e. The really cool thing about it is you can use all three codes on the same order! I was especially excited about that. Anyway, I digress...back to what I got on sale. I got summer pj sets for the girls for $5.99 and gowns for $7.50. I also got several pair of flip flops for $2.24 each. (I also recently got a lot of flip flops at The Children's Place for $1.99!) They have really cute beach towels ranging from $3.74 to $4.49, too. Even Dustin got a treat. He got two new t-shirts to wear on our Disney trip in November. One is Mickey, and the other is GRUMPY! He says that he doesn't "do" Grumpy, but we all know that's not really true, now don't we? I told him of all the Disney t-shirts he's bought the last several months that the Grumpy one is most appropriate. ;) They also had several toys on sale, and I got a few things to save for Christmas. I also discovered how you can order from both the regular Disney shopping website and the outlet site and combine your order into one to further save on shipping!

Here are the girls modeling their new gowns. Bailey is also wearing some of her new too-big-right-now flip flops!

My other bargains of late are fruits and veggies! Garden City has a new farmer's market. This is the first summer they've had one here, although several surrounding towns have had them for a while. The Garden City one is pretty small, but I'm hoping it will grow if the residents here support it. The nice thing about it is everything is locally grown here in Michigan, and some of it is even organic! One of the ladies from church called me Wednesday morning and invited me to go with her. I didn't get much there (just some cucumbers, blueberries, and homemade bread), but it was still fun and the prices were good. Many of the vendors were selling beautiful plants and flowers, but we all know how well I do with those ;) so I passed on them. After we left the farmer's market, though, she took me to an awesome fruit and vegetable market in the next town over. I was totally amazed at the selection and the prices. Everything was so fresh and beautiful. Of course, not everything they sell is locally grown, but was unbelievable to me. We've never lived anywhere (except maybe Memphis) that had such an awesome fruit and vegetable store. The prices were definitely cheaper than the Kroger stores here and the produce was much fresher than what Wal-Mart and Meijer (a Wal-Mart type store) seem to have.

Anyway, here is some of what I got:

  • 16 oz bag baby carrots (washed & ready to eat) for $0.99
  • green bell peppers for $0.50 each
  • yellow onions for $0.33/lb.
  • whole ears of corn were 4/$0.99 (And we even shucked them there in the store so they could deal with all the mess!)
  • seedless grapes for $0.99/lb.
  • plums for $0.69/lb.
  • peaches for $0.79/lb.
  • bartlett pears for $0.79/lb.
  • large pineapple for $2.39

They had lots of vegetables and fruits that I had either never heard of or never bought (stuff used in Asian cooking). It was a really fun experience. They even sell fresh cut flowers (spring mix) for $2.99 a bunch. Now Dustin has no excuse!

Anyway, that's all for now about my bargains. Happy shopping everyone!


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