Monday, July 28, 2008

I had a great time in Chicago.

Every two years the watch forum that I frequent hosts a meeting. This year it was held in Chicago. Normally I wouldn't make the trip, but I'm kind of close to Chicago (about 4 hours), so I decided to go. I made the trip by myself.

Here are some pictures I took.

Here's the Sear's Tower--the tallest building in Chicago.

Okay, I went to the American Girl store without my kids. (We have a family trip planned for this weekend.) I wanted to get Macy something, but I was presented with the problem of how to carry it around all day. The solution was this fancy little backpack. Yeah, I had to wear this pink backpack all around Chicago, but I promise you that I was not the silliest looking person in town.

Of course, for me the trip was all about the watches (and internet friends).


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Anonymous said...

That bag on your back has got to!


P.S. And be careful with internet friends. You think they're just interested in the watches...well, they may be interested in chopping off the arm the watch resides on!