Sunday, July 13, 2008

More More Putt Putt

Tonight we went with the youth group to play putt putt. The course had lots of water features, and amazingly we all left there dry!

Julie was very happy that Bailey got a golf ball that matched her dress. Go figure! :)

Macy still has a little bit of hockey in her golf swing. She claims to have gotten a hole in one. Here's what she said--"the ball was rolling right for the hole, and I knew it was going to go in, but I tapped it one more little time to make sure." It sounds fishy to me, but she's sure it counts as a hole in one.

We have a very impressive group of teenagers at Garden City. We are enjoying getting to know them. Macy thought she was so cool being with the teenagers tonight. Here she is with one of the girls that she really likes--Kristy.

Of course, dad won. I didn't just beat my family; I beat the whole group. I shot a 44. But for a couple of holes, it could have been lots less. I scored two hole in ones. I'm the man.


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