Saturday, September 27, 2008

Brown Belt update

Well the very next time the owner saw me, he put me through the brown belt test. (He first mentioned it on Monday, and he administered the test on Wednesday.) It kind of had an old-school feel to it; I practiced hard for over an hour (in my normal fashion--not thinking it was a preamble to a test). Grandmaster Kil was complementary of me. He, then, asked me a few questions and requested to see a few techniques. In short order, he was congratulating me and giving me a new brown belt.

I've now had a couple of classes under my belt as a brown belt (no pun intended). Before I thought that I was a brown belt masquerading as a white belt. Now, the goal is to become a black belt masquerading as a brown belt. I really enjoy what Macy and I are doing, and I'm glad we have this available to us here in Michigan.


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