Saturday, September 6, 2008

We had a wonderful church picnic!

Each year members of the Garden City church of Christ go to a nearby park for a picnic. Today the weather was great (mid 70s with an occasional breeze), and we had a blast. Here are some of the sights and sounds.

These black squirrels are all over Garden City. The jokers get big, too. They also come pretty close to you. Have a look.

Food is always the highlight of the picnic. Here are some of our grill gals.

Bailey enjoyed her cupcake.

Watermelon too!

After all that eating, Bailey was ready to take this dog, Abby, for a walk/run.

Macy and some of the older kids got ice cream from a passing ice cream truck.
A couple of ole missing teeth aren't stopping Macy from remaining the number 1 threat to all ice cream sandwiches--life is good when you have a jumbo ice cream sandwich in your hand (and mouth, and face, and hair, etc.).

I'm proud of my kids, but I stole the show by eating this entire peach in just three bites.
This after just one bite--get ready for bite number two.
After three bites, all that remained was this very afraid pit.

As usual, the day was about enjoying the company of friends and family.


Donna said...

I must say your show stealing audience consisted of only THREE people!! ;)

Forthun Family said...

...but they were amazed! :)