Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Macy loses tooth in Tae Kwon Do sparring

Macy's sole remaining front tooth has been loose for some time now. Over the past couple of days, it has gotten very loose. Today, in fact, at lunch I offered to buy her ice cream and give her money if she would let me pull it. Macy wanted to let me pull it so badly, but she was nervous through the whole process, and we accepted that it wouldn't happen at that time. Julie and I really want the tooth out before Macy fully gets started with school.

Well, today at Tae Kwon Do Macy was sparring the same little boy she made cry before. In an inadvertent flailing of the arms, Macy's tooth got knocked out. (Of course, it was only hanging on by a thread, anyway.) Actually, this was the best way for the tooth to come out. It needed to come out, but Macy didn't want to let me pull it. At Tae Kwon Do Macy didn't want to cry and freak out in front of her friends, so when her tooth got knocked out, Macy was cool, calm, and collected. She even posed for a couple of pictures.


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