Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Tooth Fairy found us in Michigan

Macy was so proud of losing her tooth yesterday at Tae Kwon Do. (By the way, we actually found the tooth after it got knocked out...just took a little hunting around on the mat by Dustin.) We had told her earlier yesterday that we thought the Tooth Fairy left extra money if you got your tooth out by yourself and didn't have to get your parents to pull it. So, of course, Macy wanted to know if having it knocked out counted as getting it out yourself. We told her we figured it did. ;) (The main thing we were trying to avoid is Dustin having to make her let him pull it. It really needed to come out, and we hated for her to have to deal with it at school.) She was also concerned that the Tooth Fairy would find her since we moved. She wanted to double check with us and make sure it's the same Tooth Fairy for Tennessee and Michigan!

So last night, she carefully placed her tooth (in a plastic bag so we can keep up with it and save it) under her pillow...
And woke up to a nice surprise...ten dollars! Woo hoo!!

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Donna said...

Man....who is your toothfairy??? Donald Trump??? Our poor girls only get a dollar coin!!